Recent foods I have tried! 

Hey guys! I have three meals that I would like to share. First up is breakfast: fresh strawberries, blueberries, whole grain English muffin and a cup of coffee (in my new Monogrammed coffee cup from Kimbrells 😍). Next is a smoothie made with blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, powdered peanut butter, flaxseed, ice, milk and bananas! Very delicious! For dinner I made nachos with whole grain tortilla chips, hamburger meat, peppers, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. It has been so fun trying out new healthier foods! Give these a try.  



New foods& my recent lifestyle change! 

So I have recently been on a health kick! I have been wanting to broaden my diet in hopes to lose more weight. Overall, I think that Pinterest has been my best friend! I have recently changed my meals and switched up my foods. Before: I was eating pancakes, bacon, sausage (yes two meats), eggs and coffee. Now I am eating oatmeal, strawberries, blueberries, wheat toast, flaxseed, green tea, honey and boiled eggs. I can definently tell that these foods are better with digestion and help me feel way more energized. For lunch I try things like Tuna, salad, grilled chicken, fruit smoothies, whey protein (or meal replacement shakes). I have also invested in Hydroxycut Next Gen& I adore it! Dinner is usually grilled food, veggies& NO carbs (they digest slowly-especially at night). These are just a few of my lifestyle changes. What healthy foods do you find helpful?  I will keep you posted with success stories!  💋


I have been productive! 

I took a few days of vacation from work just to get a nice break from everything! (Sometimes we all need those days). I went and got a pedicure, new plants for my yard, painted a birdhouse, went to a few garage sales and done a little shopping! I got some awesome new decor for my house! I added a few photos below! #tjmaxx and #Ross is where to go!  I got an air plant, decor accents, the tables are from a garage sale for $10!  Anyone else been doing some spring cleaning or redecorating their home?? 


Starbucks is taking all of my “bucks”… 

How much money do you spend on coffee? I typically spend a pretty penny per month and I don’t even realize it! When the nice lady at the register swipes my card for $4.83 and I get my iced Caramel Macchiato, green straw and Whitney written across the cup I am so happy! Until I calculate my spending at the end of the month! I usually calculate $144.90 as the average amount I spend at the local Starbucks. Yes, $144.90 on coffee… That’s $1738.80 a year! Needless to say, I have a serious issue! I found this awesome video on great at home Starbucks recipes.

Signed with Sweetness, 

Whitney P.  


Hello All!

I am Whitney Parks, the founder of Faith, Life& Lattes ©. I am from a small town in North Carolina. I am married to my high school sweetheart Patrick <3. I also have a “Chiweenie” (Chihuahua and Dachsund mixed)- her name is Nala. 🙂 

I am blessed to be given the opportunity to start my blogging career. I work full-time as a staffing coordinator and receptionist, I am also attending school for my Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration (Thank the Lord I graduate in October). I am waiting on my acceptance letter for nursing school. So yeah…I have a pretty hectic life. Did I mention I am a coffee lover? 🙂 

I am a Christian and I love talking about my Christian lifestyle and how I incorporate the Lord into everything that I do. I love praying and encouraging others, so if that’s why you are here, then you have come to the right spot. 

I have a passion for nursing and healthcare, make-up, shopping, DIY projects and family of course! I am your typical girly-girl. I will cover a variety of things on my blog! Please communicate with me on what you think I should talk about.I love feedback.  

Signed with Sweetness,  

Whitney P.