New foods& my recent lifestyle change! 

So I have recently been on a health kick! I have been wanting to broaden my diet in hopes to lose more weight. Overall, I think that Pinterest has been my best friend! I have recently changed my meals and switched up my foods. Before: I was eating pancakes, bacon, sausage (yes two meats), eggs and coffee. Now I am eating oatmeal, strawberries, blueberries, wheat toast, flaxseed, green tea, honey and boiled eggs. I can definently tell that these foods are better with digestion and help me feel way more energized. For lunch I try things like Tuna, salad, grilled chicken, fruit smoothies, whey protein (or meal replacement shakes). I have also invested in Hydroxycut Next Gen& I adore it! Dinner is usually grilled food, veggies& NO carbs (they digest slowly-especially at night). These are just a few of my lifestyle changes. What healthy foods do you find helpful?  I will keep you posted with success stories!  💋



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